A metal cover of The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby"

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Now I wish we had a “Convert to Metal” switch on all of our media devices.


And here’s a heavy metal version of Eleanor Rigby from 1970, featuring Rick “Jessie’s Girl/General Hospital” Springfield on guitar.


Eleanor Rigby, on three strings.


Another satisfying Beatles metal cover:

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One of the most covered songs ever.


There was a speed metal version of this tune in the 80s too. I think the band was called Reign but there are at least 50 bands with that name on discogs.

Edit: oh here we go. It was Realm.


Wow, this is like Paul of Eleanor Rigby meeting Paul of Helter Skelter 50 years later. (that is exactly what it is like.) ((Just pointing out something something something.))

All this Eleanoria reminds me of another Eleanor.

And @MonkeyT12 Justin Johnson - yaaay!

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Though requests may be at higher patreon tier.

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I remember a few unlikely metal covers from the 80s. Few can top this one.

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Of course: the 90’s punk/ska version of Here Comes the Sun:

might as well add this

McCarney credits

as inspiration

Helter Skelter’s heavy metal bonafides were solidified in 1983

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came here to check this has been posted, and it has, great stuff.

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season 2 thank you GIF by American Gods

That was amazing. I think it also explains why, with a few exceptions, I don’t much like metal as genre. I’m always in awe with the precision of metal. But I often find the technical skill outweighs the songcraft. Hearing songwriting of this quality, in this genre, is a genuine game-changer for me.
FWIW my exceptions include some songs by Mudvayne, System of a Down, Queens of the Stone Age … you know where I’m going here, I have never had an emotional reaction from listening to, say, Metallica or, I’m afraid to say, given how many people I know who absolutely love them, Slayer.

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