Watch Aretha Franklin bring the gospel funk to The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby"

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Btw Happy Birthday SIr Paul McCartney!

Aretha, Aretha, damn she had pipes!


Just as I think that The Beatles were possibly at their best (certainly having the most fun) when they were a ‘cover band’, I am increasingly thinking that other people cover their songs better than they did…

(For the absence of doubt, this is a joke. But oh wow, this works so well. Thanks for brightening my day.)

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Decades ago I bought a live recording of her at tye Fillmore. It’s even quadrophonic, which is probably why it was being cleared out.

I haven’t listened to it in a !ong time, but I 'm pretty sure Eleanor Rigby. But the whole album has a different style from her studio recordings. So it probably is an addition, even though I think when I bought it around forty years ago, it was to get something of hers, and this was cheap.

Next year it will be fifty years since I started to listen to music onthe radio. It was just in time for Aretha’s “Rock Steady”.

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I love her brisk countoff & the crisp way she directs the band. Pretty confident that this is her arrangement too. “I’m Eleanor Rigby…” Genius.

The synth bass on the intro and outro had me half expecting a Jerry Seinfeld appearance.

For me, Nina Simone’s cover of Here Comes the Sun is one of the finest pieces of music ever recorded:

She makes dying depressed and alone sound like a fun party.

Between her voice and her piano playing, Nina Simone tends to make every song distinctive.

It’s not just her political songs that make her worthy.

Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff.

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