Van Halen - Jump (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Ben Eller)

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It’s a little disturbing that a Van Halen song needs a metal cover, but that was the '80s, I guess.


Yeah, he does a lot of metal covers of metal songs :smirk:. His best to me are the unlikely pairings. My top three are probably:

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I didn’t find it to be that metal. Sure the vocal was growly but a growly vocal doesn’t magically turn something metal.

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True - his pop or non-rock songs tend to be stronger covers, in the “make the cover your own” theme.

And for the record, every Billie Eilish cover is better than the original.

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IIRC. growls and 7 string or baritone guitars had been more of a death metal thing, at least initially to distinguish the darker sound from “plain” metal (bands like Sepultura and Carcass come to mind). Now unfortunately the word metal in general has become commonly associated with lower tuned guitars constantly shredding in 16th and near-growl singing which I personally don’t like.
I’m an old fart, so that’s what I still call metal today:

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