Hey man, is that Freedom Rock?


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Great I am gonna be hearing that in my head all day now…


Get out of my head, man! In a fit of nostalgia I looked up the commercial the other day. My college roommate had the cassette, along with a fine collection of bona fide '60’s and '70’s vinyl, with a heavy emphasis on Fleetwood Mac.

Turn it up, man! It drowned out the noise of his snipping apart bed springs to make chain mail.


I wonder if Amazon has an algorithm for “Hey if you re-issue X there is profit to be made” as some combination of sales vs weird list price vs number of views without sale vs some estimate of actual collectibility etc.

I looked up StarBlazers after the tv theme song thread and the original series is listed at $189 - which I am pretty sure is many times what I paid. Also many times what i think anyone would pay. But if things like Freedom Rock are actually selling at that price or Starblazers at the prices listed (third series which i do not own is $599) then someone should reissue.


Totally remember that commercial. Lots of good songs. I am really glad my parents listened to oldies in the care on road trips.


Oh, wow, like people used to pay for music.


It’s an interesting question for reseller sites (Amazon, Ebay, etc). Some hard-to-find items are ridiculously priced, and the sample size is too small for the sites to display their own metrics on what the actual sale price is. As an example, is $200 the fair market value but for a small group of buyers, or is it the “no one will buy it at this price and thus no one is buying it at that price” value?

Or, my favorite, everyone who actually wants to buy it at that price has done so, and no one left cares.


I actually have the 4LP set, which we all know is the best way to enjoy the freedom rocking.


Nope…it’s Fraggle Rock!



The bobblehead preview gif was nice.


ehmagerd - its fulla stehrs:



For some reason I just know in my heart that the “hippies” in this are Trump supporters today.


Wow this whole category of TV ads is gone now, I guess. Thanks for killing the music compilation album market, iTunes!!!1!


That made me think of these for some reason


No one ever gets the reference when I quote this ad.


You’ve hit the secret of these posts: most people won’t pay it. (And items priced at more reasonable levels sell, which leaves little record of what the actual market price is.) But Amazon only charges fees when it sells, so there’s no penalty in listing it at an exorbitant rate and hoping for a sucker.

(Don’t know how it is in the music or video world, but it’s fairly common in the book world for many of these sellers to not even have the products they’re listing—it’s why you see the same sellers listing thousands of books, even ones that were assigned ISBNs but cancelled before they made it to the printers. Instead they rely on the chance of being able to find it for cheaper from another source should someone actually buy it. And if they can’t, then they’re very sorry but an error with their inventory system accidentally listed a product they don’t have in stock.)


you need better friends. or maybe older ones.


Heh. So did mine, but it wasn’t as fun. Hank Williams Sr. and Sons of the Pioneers for my dad, and Linda Ronstadt’s Lush Life album (featuring the Nelson Riddle Orchestra!) for my mom.

Not exactly “Radar Love”-quality driving music.


“Hey, y’all; I got a great new album in the mail today…”


I notice that they often make a big deal out of “original stars” in those commercials – I seem to recall that some of the early k-tel compilations were of popular songs covered by no-name bands.