Woodstock 40th Anniversary Limited Edition 3-disc Blu-ray for $5


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Woodstock 40th Anniversary Limited Edition 3-disc Blu-ray for $5

Whoa, now that’s trippy.


“It has 11 never-before-seen songs.”

So…a printout of the digitized waveform?


Hey, man - is that freedom Rock?!


Can you imagine what some of those kids would think if they heard that their music was being played on something called “Blu-ray”? lol “Far out man!”

Certainly a new baby name for some!


Whoa. Creedence Clearwater Revival finally?


I had to find out who that dude was! Here 'ya go man:

“Michael Beard is the actor who played “Hippie #1” in the Freedom Rock commercial. He’s currently living and working in Osaka, Japan, enjoying a fruitful career performing in Japanese movies as well as in Tokyo theater.”


Synesthesia, possibly drug induced.


Woodstock 40th Anniversary

Confused. Wasn’t Woodstock 50 years ago? (48, but that’s far closer to 50 than 40…)



Thank you, for broadening my knowledge-base.


Says on the side-panel that the price is only for members of the amazon loyalty club (aka prime). That probably ought to be mentioned up front.


“You can be as happy as the [morose-looking] people in this photo…” That’s an unusually hard sell for boingboing!


There is no better way of sticking it to the man than joining Amazon Prime. It is counter-culture, and it is groovie. :v:


Didn’t Owsley turn out a batch of acid he called Blu-Ray, or Blue Sunshine or something like that?


And in the UK you pay only £34.61.


Looks like they got a glimpse through a time-portal at what the nation would be like on their 70th birthdays. So much for their conception of the Age of Aquarius.


My google-fu isn’t turning anything up, but I’m sure I remember an announcement from the Woodstock documentary/soundtrack along the lines of “Attention Lewis Picnic, Lewis Picnic, your brother is in the state penitentiary.” (There was also another one about “bad brown acid”, IIRC).

My hippy pals and I found this sadly hilarious; a friend even named his pet terrapin “Lewis Picnic”.

Can anyone corroborate? Or was it just a bad trip?



So with Brexit, that’s what, like ¥600?


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