Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon turns 48 today

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But “Wish You Were Here” is a better album.


Coming up to half a century, and goosebumps all the way.


And it stayed on the top 200 sales chart for 958 weeks…18 of those 48 years.


One of the things I love about the album as that as sonically adventurous as it is, it also marks Waters’ complete rejection of “psychedelic” lyrics in favor of direct, uncompromising realism.


that’s an endlessly debatable assertion, especially when fueled by lots of pot.


The problem with pot is that it makes everything endlessly debatable.


Long time listener to the original but once I heard this…

the dub version of Money is what I want to hear.


I disagree.


I’m so glad to see her attempt that again…even thought there’s a bit of struggle. But who wouldn’t have a hard time replicating that orig performance, even her. It really puts it into perspective her original, stellar contribution, and how difficult, technical, and challenging her original offering was.

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Is this Classical music now?


When I was a kid my parents owned a children’s clothing store in a mall. Across the way was a record store. I was always over there marveling at Ozzy Ozborn’s album covers, Black Flag’s, etc. One day in fifth grade I asked Mr. Miller what album I should buy with my own money, my first.

He put on Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” This was his favorite album, and he had been an A&R guy with Columbia Records for a while so he had a great depth of exposure. I wasn’t so sure until those alarm clocks went off and I saw my mom’s reaction and said, “I’ll take it.”

Besides being such an amazing album it makes me think of Mr. Miller every time I listen to it.


Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.


I don’t agree, but then I really like Atom Heart Mother, despite Roger Waters hating it.
Anyway, what would he know?


I recognize that it is a pioneering album in the world of “fucking around with editing tricks” and “incorporating non-musical sounds in the mix”, but no matter how hard I try to listen with the idea in mind that everything in it that sounds like a cliche is probably one because Floyd did it first, or at least second or third after Sgt Pepper, I still think everything about it is kind of weak.

Maybe it’s better if you’ve dropped a lot of LSD, I dunno, all the Boomers turned right around and banned the heck out of that shit once they were in power so I’ll probably never know. It’s hard enough getting decent weed if you’re not in a green state.

“Wish You Were Here” is a much better album IMHO even though at times it feels like an entire album expanding on the “I’m very rich now but I am also oh so very sad about being rich and famous” themes that makes me roll my eyes so hard at “Money”.

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Ah, old music from the late 1900’s. Ok Boomer!

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dates XKCD. This isn’t even one of the really weird early ones.

I remember when DSOTM was released; Pink Floyd played the old Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto about 2 weeks later. A buddy and I hitchhiked into TO to buy tickets for our little group as soon as they were announced.
I was blown away by the visuals and the sound quality (in surround sound, no less). I’d been to lots of concerts there previously and was painfully aware of how shitty the sound could be. We had what turned out to be probably the best seats in the house - centre rear, one row back from the first tier’s front edge. Nobody could drop crap on us and the echo chamber you typically got from sitting farther forward didn’t happen.

Edit: WYWH is still my favorite Pink Floyd album.