Music: "You Sexy Thing," Hot Chocolate (1975)


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The one good thing about that song is that it is now indelibly linked to a cow sticking its tongue up its own nose.

I just threw my back out singing along with that. The cat is missing now, too.


This has to be my favorite thing to ever appear on this site since I’ve started.

Used to dance on the beach to this. What made the song spring to mind at this particular time?

What is that Partridge Family-looking font?

It was the 70’s, man.


(I know, shitty clip)

Do yourself a favor and listen to Hot Chocolate’s “Everyone’s a Winner” right now!


I know. I was there.

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I believe my brother’s 8-Track of this is still at the folk’s house.

Next to Three Dog Night and Meatloaf.


Personally, I end up thinking mousetraps.

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I play it all the time, it is a favorite. I dance at the beach to this a couple times a week.


Myself, I get reminded of Robert Carlyle attempting to dance…


I feel really, really guilty about it, but I absolutely love this song.

The inspiration, I’m sure, for:

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Mindless boogie is another good track by them

Oh god no!

That’s ten seconds I’ll never get back.

For years I thought he was singing “I believe in Malcolm”. I would occasionally wonder what ‘Malcolm’ had done to deserve such belief.

I always thought the lyric was “I believe in Milko” (???). Blame it on AM.

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