Awesome Song Thread!

Topical for this Christmas

I really want to see the new version get to no1 in the UK charts.


Bizarrely, on the radio yesterday morning they played these two songs next to each other:

Also weirdly, I finally got around to watching Requiem for a Dream the other day - didn’t know he wrote it - didn’t know that was where this comes from, must be one of the most used pieces of music in film trailers…

Not least, I think it was used in the trailers for Sunshine, which leads me on to this…


Beautiful, goth-tinged lazy slow techno:

And anther Perc remix as a bonus:

OK one more:

some cross-posts

keyboard Money Mark

sassy Sarah Vaughn


Sly Fox (also the source of the sample to The Boogie Boys’ “A Fly Girl”)

Humble Pie

@frauenfelder posted these Ramones demos. fuckin’ bangin’, son

@austintx representin’ with Everyone’s a Winner, the superior Hot Chocolate joint


Because reality is weird

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Because sexual politics


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Did you know?

I prefer the Spitting Image version. They persuaded Sting to sing it too.


Hornswoop me bungo pony, dogsled on ice!

The Red and the Black - Blue Oyster Cult


Well, let’s make a beautiful mess of this:


I’m pretty sure that Itchy-O track is a version of Fugazi’s Brendan #1

kinda feelin the Azalea Banks. these new club beats don’t always work for me, but it was cool and she can rap.


I was being slightly disingenuous with my last post.

I’m not so sure on the Itchy-O being a variation on Fugazi’s Brendan #1. It’s a pretty normal beat and chord progression. It’s hard to do new things in popular music with a limited pallet.

I’m a big fan of Fugazi, I’m also a fan of Itchy-O. They do great live shows. The have fantastic percussionists and blend the performance area with the crowd. The overall song textures and sounds as well as timing / changes are different between the two.

I came across the Azelia Banks song late. Her flow is exceptional, and I like this intro track more than anything else I have heard of her’s as the processing and affects on it don’t sound like the producer is trying to mellow her out. I’m going to stand firm on awesome song here.

Find a penny : I like Kitty Crimes in the same way I like Pansy Division.

Long Long Time: I like as an example of well crafted pop from a very specific era.

I guess what I am trying to say is unless someone want’s to kick the awesome up a notch, and even reach back for some of those “lost gems”, this thread is petering out way sooner than I personally thought it would.

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Seeing how Ian McLagan died the other day…


Check the guy’s rock record:

I am the Fly - Wire

Big New Prinz - The Fall

Subterranean Homesick Blues - Ken Bishop’s Nice Twelve

Suedehead - Morrissey


and because Rick would have wanted it:

Devil Woman - Cliff Richard

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Zombie - Fela Kuti


For some reason I’ve been on a Márta Sebestyén (with Muzsikás) kick all week – having not listened to her/them in years now – so I’ve decided to share the love:

I recognize that Hungarian hurdy-gurdy music is not for everyone.