Dumbest Line From A Song?

This was inspired by Pandora serving up Eminem’s Without Me, which includes the line “ Cause I’m back, I’m on the rag and ovulating.”

A few decades ago (mid 90s? When I lived there?), the Washington Post used to run a contest where readers sent in what they considered the dumbest line from a song. These are lyrics which, when sung in the song might be OK, but when isolated to a single line seem really silly. I thought we’d try it here.

This will be tricky, and may not work, but let’s try this

Post a line from a song that seems incredibly silly. Also note the title of the song and the artist.

We have one week, and you can only post a lyric only once. Comments are fine.

During this time please do not give any ‘likes’ to any replies.

This coming Friday at 3pm CDT (GMT -5), the entries come to a close and the voting begins. I’ll post a reply saying the entries are closed, and any discount any likes accidentally given to replies.

During the voting, give a ‘like’ to your top 3 favorites only.

On Sunday I’ll post a poll of the top 3 vote getters.

On Tuesday the poll will close and we’ll declare a winner. Hopefully with an available video.

Any genre, any era, but the song must be findable on google.

@thomdunn and @Mindysan33 ought to get a handicap of some kind, but . . . Play on!


@Les_Pane - query? Are we only allowed to post ONE lyric? Or can we make multiple entries? I was a bit unclear on that… I know you said

But does that mean we can only make one entry, or that once a lyric is posted, no one else can post it?


Fuckin’ Magnets / How do they work?

Miracles by Insane Clown Posse

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Some people call me Maurice,
‘Cause I speak of the pompatus of love.

The Joker, Steve Miller Band


“The sky resembled a back-lit canopy, with holes punched in it”

Incubus - wish you were here (1:48)

“Only time will tell if we stand the test of time”

from Why Can’t This Be Love by Van Halen.

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“Coast to coast, LA to Chicago”

Sade’s Smooth Operator

Hmmm. One lyric. But if someone duplicates what you posted, we rain hellfire down upon them. Yes?

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A strong contender…

“I love your titties ’cause they prove I can focus on two things at once.”

Kanye West — All Mine




Do you think we get bonus points for the singer being a total idiot, too?


“I get so much ass they call me an astronaut.”

-Dr. Dre
“Ring Ding Dong”

“… I know how Joan of Arc felt, as the flames rose to her Roman nose and her Walkman started to melt”

—The Smiths, “Bigmouth Strikes Again”

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I feel so lucky / You wanna hug me / What rhymes with hug me?
Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke

(I feel like almost any Kid Rock lyric would qualify, but trying to look through them to find the worst isn’t worth it.)


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“Just like the old man in the book by Nabokov.”

Clumsiest rhyme ever from “Don’t stand so close to me” by The Police.

“But then I think about that time
That we broke up before the prom
And you told everyone that I was gay

— LFO, “Every Other Time”

“Like a rainbow in the dark”

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark :roll_eyes:

One line only, or one short passage?

Hmmm that’s a whole sub genre but I’ll add this one as it also has unnecessary literary references in the song/

She looks like Eva Marie Saint
In on the Waterfront

Rattlesnakes by Lloyd Cole and the commotions.