Sensation / Forever by American Grandma


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Is cassette the new hipster medium of choice?


FYI: There’s an interest in cassettes again (as with LPs).


nope nope nope. you millennial hipsters can have your vinyl and cassettes, and you’re also welcome to 8-tracks. i lived through them all, and they all had their flaws. i’m quite happy with digital. it’s easy to store, never skips or gets eaten in my computer or phone, and it’s super portable – i can carry every piece of music i have ALL AT ONCE, anywhere i go! this is the future i wanted.


Their music has an 80s, nostalgic feel to it. Reminds me of the dream pop genre, but a touch quieter (gentler), and performed with a bit more acoustic clarity. I like it. I wonder who their influences are.


And the future you shall have, Blue Eyes! Their album can also be downloaded as MP3 or FLAC files.


Don’t try to tie LPs in wih Compact Cassettes.

LPs can be perfect.
A turn table and tonearm can be a musical instrument.
A rotating disk can focus attention like a flame in a fireplace.

Cassette tape can do none of these things.
It always sucked.


A cassette and a pencil can be a life saver

The rotating reels in the cassette may help you know where you favorite song is.

Yeah, not missing my cassettes of youth.

Now the 8-track… He’ll, there are still songs I mentally hear the KaClick of the track changing


Not entirely true


A very interesting video.

However, I’m still standing by what I wrote. :grinning:

I could, however get excited about a revival of reel-to-reel.


I still have a cassette deck, but I’m “so unhip it’s a wonder my bum doesn’t fall off”


The album is good…i like the “golden our” and "Karaoke Scene "one.there is something on these two songs.i can feel it and i really love it


I’ve been predicting it, but finally it’s here. Of course I imagine some Millennials will put out an album on MiniDisc.


Of course what would be really retro-futuristic would be an album on stereo microcassette. TechMoan recently did a review of one of these relatively obscure units. Of course as I started it I immediately thought of Alex in Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” who had one of these decks, but TechMoan actually referenced that scene!


For anyone wondering:


So that’s their target demo!


Digital Audio Tape


Sounds like a poorly thought out condom brand




it has been for a bit. It’s got an analog retro appeal and they’re cheap to make. I’ve ended up with a few given out at shows, but I have no way to listen to cassettes anymore.

The only cassette releases that I’ve actually coveted were the collector releases of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack and the “For Sara” cassette from Over the Garden Wall.