Visit the last cassette factory in the U.S


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I would visit, but I can’t find my buggy whip.


I understand the value of having something tangible and how easily a download can be lost, but I haven’t got a computer that I can load my old cassettes into.

Having said that I dread the day when I have to say the same thing about my CDs.


Downloading is killing home taping!


/me rushes to make mix tape for girl I like who will never listen to it


Who is actually yearning for the good old days of tape jams, hissy sound (or squishy sound if you use Dolby), flipping the tapes (thank goodness for auto reverse), and rewinding/fast forwarding (thank goodness for RR/FF that automatically stops on gaps)? Cassettes sucked!

I mean, I get the appeal of obsolete media. I used to drive an old muscle car and I went to the flea market and bought an 8 track deck for it and a box of 8 tracks for fun. It also had no radio prior to that and the vintage deck in the car was kind of fitting. It was neat for a little while and had that fun factor but after realizing what a fucking pain in the ass the media was I eventually ditched it.

Vinyl, I can understand as still having appeal to this day. Cassettes, not so much. Who is actually buying these?


99% Invisible recently did a podcast about cassette tapes:


Prison inmates! (the 99PI podcast link I just posted goes into the details)


Ah, the hipster prison inmates that opted not to turn their tape decks into tattoo machines?


My bootleg tapes are somewhere in the landfill now.


I spent time in hipster prison, but abandoned it after Solitary got popular. Plus my polished brass weightlifting set turned out to be criminally under-engineered and terribly dangerous.


I was into dungeons back when they were still underground.


that reminds me, I need to back up my TI-99/4A


I saw someone with about 5 cassettes the other day. I was really confused and no, @monkeyoh, I was not in prison at the time. I did however wonder if it was some trendy way to carry stuff. You know:Vaping liquid in retro cassette shaped container or the like. Despite the obvious answer that they were just audio cassettes my brain did not really want to go with that. (they were also shiny and new looking)


Cassettes have a levy included in the price. A portion of the cost of the blank cassette goes directly to the RIAA. The royalties are then supposedly distributed to artists based on album sales.
So feel free to copy your cassette, as long as you don’t sell them.
You’ve already paid for this.


I was thinking the same thing, and then you wrote,

hissy sound (or squishy sound if you use Dolby)

And I felt a nostalgia.

I totally don’t get nineteen year olds (or even people my age) who insist on LPs, but I’m old enough to have made mixtapes. I just checked myself rather frantically for plaid, but I think I might have narrowly avoided Hipsteria.


Will tape decks be the next turntables? I don’t think so…


That day is here. Try finding a new device with a CD and / or DVD drive


Along with the ones I bought at concerts.


First vinyl made a comeback and now cassettes. What happened to the 8tracks? Oh yea we hated those. I’m just going to wait for CDs to make a comeback.