Cassette Store Day is coming, when you'll be able to pick up the Beastles "Ill Submarine"!

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What is the allure of tapes? I’m old enough to have purchased pleeeeeenty of cassettes and made many a mixtape. I never want to own one again.


I remember that there was a time when somebody from 2nu was cleaning out their closet, and all you had to do was email them your address and they’d send you either a CD or cassette of their EP.

I do understand the nostalgic aspect to it, but yeah, they weren’t that awesome. The walkmans ate batteries and sometimes the cassettes too. Having to fast forward or go in reverse to find the right song. Nah, no thanks.

They’re still widely used by projects with a serious DIY ethic and aesthetic. Vinyl is cool, but it requires a large upfront cash deposit, especially now that large acts regularly release vinyl and have subsequently increased both the cost and the wait time (seriously, it takes a long time). The last band I was in formed, played a few shows, and toured on a cassette release within a couple months. You just don’t have that agility with any other format. Except CD-Rs, but I’ve never treasured a CD-R.

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Here’s another band that would be appropriate for cassette store day:

What is the allure of tapes?

they are popular with

• people who are olld enough to have purchased pleeeeeenty of cassettes and made many a mixtape, and who do want to own one again.
• people who are part of the DIY / home taping / noise scenes which never stopped using them
• vaporwave kids
• people who like buying an object rather than a download/nothing from their favorite band
• other people who are not identical to you personally, for whatever reason

hope that helps


i have treasured a few CDrs :3

also hoarded 1000s of other CDrs

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Ha that ratio sounds about right!

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