Reel to reel tape in a standard mini-cassette


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I like the idea of “hot swapping” cassette tape! Only available in Japan because tiny fingers.

I don’t miss the inevitable tape carnage.


Hope to find again cassette blank cassette tape.
I still have two hi-fi cassette decks in perfect working condition and last year, I had found a record shop that was closing because the owner was retiring (now there is a games and action figures shop) and i got a bunch of prerecorded '80s and '90s cassette tapes.

Hope to find again blank tapes. If you are lucky you still find them in places like suburban bookshops and groceries, but they are normally cheap ones like the TDK D or BASF LH.

The big problem with cassettes and vinyl record is that there’s a lot of crap quality players made and now only Teac makes an hi fi cassette recorder and it’s a low end one without metal support and a frequency response up to 12 kHz.


Let’s face it, the Japanese got these things because caucasians are just too damn tall.


Oooh I want this. Can make tape loops with it.


I still have two minidisc recorders. That was a pretty nice format, I thought. At a time when digital recording devices were rather uncommon, I used mine to record the dialog for a friend’s indy film project.


OMG that’s priceless!


Compact Discs were invented because people complained about cassette tape “hiss” and record “pops.” Then people complained that CDs were “too perfect.” Now records and tapes are coming back in fashion. Can’t wait until hipsters re-discover 8-tracks.


Now newbies will also discover the annoying distortion encountered when tapes are oversaturated. For me, the worst downside.



so much maxell - reminds me of this


This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this system, it’s so damned cool! There was an attempt to turn Metal format dictaphone tapes into a HiFi music format, but it fell on its ass, predictably.
I’ve still got my Aiwa AD-F770 cassette deck, which has Dolby B/C, three heads and auto EQ, and could get really good results from ferric tapes, excellent results from Chrome, and amazing results from Metal tapes, especially TDK MA-R90’s, but at £6 each, only for special recordings…


It’s kind of beautiful in its own way.


Me, I can’t wait until Hipsters re-discover Englebert Humperdinck



You can do it with regular cassettes.


It’s real pain to do though


And i wonder again - why in the name of all that’s holy did shitty cassettes get the nostalgia feels and not the far superior minidisc. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Quando, Quando, Quando!

50 years old… along with Kick Out The Jams.


Reminds me a bit of my all time favorite cassette, the TDK MA-R from the early 1980’s. It didn’t have the removable reels, but it had a solid aluminum frame that made it very hefty (and non-warpable). The clear sides were cool. I don’t have my tape player any longer, but I saved a couple of the MA-R’s just because they are such a beautiful artifact.