Musicians read mean Tweets about themselves


I actually think that having viewers watch people read mean tweets about themselves would be a public service, if they didn’t run the laughs of the audience behind and after them. I mean, it’s honestly a good idea for people to realize that the nasty things they tweet are said about real people with real feelings. Yes, these particular ones are famous and (justifiably) no one feels too bad for the rich and famous (they can cry all the way to the bank or their mansions.) But to turn being mean and vicious to someone into something to laugh at is just wrong. It encourages people to be nasty because, hey, everyone’s laughing, it’s hysterical, must be cool to do, right? And yes, I know no one watches this show to improve themselves, but should TV really be fanning the flames of hatefulness?

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I did not see it that way when watching the clip. Famous or not, being a dick to people just makes you look like a dick.

Except for Nickelback, fuck Nickelback.


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