Muttnchop Piper explains Netrunner, the cyberpunk card game


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No comment about how Netrunner has just been cancelled though?


That is cool and heartwarming, though, as @Bunnski notes, the game is getting terminated by its own corporate overlords.


Relative to what?


Contemporary projections? :wink:


It is a curious case where FFG is not renewing the WotC license.


So that’s what was wrong with me!

Well, the original Netrunner card game designed by Richard Garfield came out 22 years ago, so it’s especially more relevant now.


I heard it was the other way round. WotC is not renewing the license with FFG. The FFG press release seems pretty ambiguous; “our license is up” so it’s difficult to read.


Word is that FFG wanted to renew but it was made unaffordable. They were certainly developing, releasing, and planning new releases right up to when it was discontinued.


Sounds about right. It’s messy, what with Hasbro owning Wizards and Asomodee owning FFG.


I cannot believe that I missed this announcement. I read gaming media every day, frequent the FFG site (tho not this week), and run a FB gaming group. AND FFG sent me a review copy of the Revised Core Set 4 days ago. Oh welll…

I added an update to the piece.


Netrunner is one of those games that people will still play even when it’s 10 or 20 years out of print.

The core box on its own is pretty good just for casual. What Lies Ahead, Opening Moves and Future Proof are good data packs to start with, even if they are older (good because everyone knows them well). Terminal Directive is a campaign expansion that is a lot of fun and I think a must have for continuing to play long term.

The big box expansion Creation & Control is a solid choice if you only had to pick one. Really boils down to preference with a casual play. Competitive has “right” answers to what sets you need, and ultimately for competitive you’ll end up getting every expansion.


At my LGS the Netrunner community is experimenting with different ways to continue to keep the game fresh even without new releases. So far we’ve landing on a RNG system that changes every week which limits the card pool to the Revised Core, a data cycle, and an expansion. It’s produced some interesting results but always an incredible amount of fun. I find I enjoy a more limited card pool than the current state of deck building because we hardly see the current cheese in the GNK or Tournament formats (looking at you Jinteki and Anarch).


I was excited about the draft format for ANR but it never really seemed to take off with the people I play with. The print quality of the draft packs is inferior yet they weren’t really significantly cheaper either.


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