Muzzling Canadian scientists: Comparing US and Canadian routine scientific secrecy



Oil wealth can turn the nicest people into assholes.

So, first they steal the election, then they assign political officers to oversee the scientists. I can only await the great new Canadian Lysenko.

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$5 says it’ll be someone who’s ‘calculated’ that CO2 has a much lower effect on the atmosphere than previously thought.


Surely the names of the Principal Investigators are public record? Did the reporter contact the PI in canada and get redirected to a press office, or did the reporter just ask the wrong person? It’s possible that all the intellectual work is done in the USA and that the Canadians are just vassals in the project.

  • Which Canadian scientists were directly involved in designing the study?
  • Did the reporter try to contact those scientists, or did he contact the funding body?
  • Are Canadians actually involved in the science, or is Canada just providing logistical and technical support?

There are two ways to get politics out of science: 1) Get politics out of government; 2) get government out of science.

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It amazes me how many similarities exist between Australia and Canada. Similar sized land masses, similar sized populations, both populated almost exclusively along one border (Australia’s east coast, Canada’s border with the US), both are colonies of the Commonwealth that have slowly become more independent. In most instances the similarities are part of each nations charm.

Conversely, in terms of our political-economies unfortunately we seem to be bent on digging dirty, inefficient fossil fuels from the ground and selling them to other nations; and the only way that can happen on a scale large enough to keep money hungry corporations happy is by damning science to hell and keeping plenty of the population ignorant. Hence shitty conservative governments and a muzzle on scientists in both countries.

Tony Abbott and Stephen Harper are a pair of immoral lunatics who will help damn millions of people to a similar fate of poor victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines.

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