My 20-year-obsession with DragonStrike's instructional videotape

Watched the video! It was a lot more elaborate than I’d imagined, but at the same time REALLY cheesy.

If I were to script something like this I’d have more breaks in the fantasy action to show how the game is played. More about the components, the values on the cards, and so on.

If I’m not mistaken, Spellfury is very much along similar lines, though of course it is a relatively recent creation.

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“So we just decided, you know what? We’re going to do him as a … disembodied head… I don’t remember exactly how we came to that.”

I think I can make an educated guess.

Does anyone else remember the Clue VCR Mystery Game? I remember it was fun for a group, but the video itself was fun to watch as a stand-alone movie. I mainly remember the dinner scene with the colored plates, and the nightmare of trying to keep up with who got what.

Each person got a character, and we had to guess who was whom based on clues each player made up. A friend of mine was devilishly good at it and would come up with clues like “I only wore two layers of clothing in the previous scene.”

The curse of this video works its magic fast. I already had a few people’s eyes glaze over at the dog park this morning while trying excitedly to tell them about this…

I do know someone at WoTC. He wasn’t there in the 90’s, but he is always finding weird old stuff that they’re getting rid of. Be interesting to mention it to him.

We have a copy of the board game minus the VHS (sadly). We’re about to move and were just going to toss it in the dumpster, frankly. Really weird to see this within 48 hours of making that judgement on it. Anyone want it? No charge, will ship it, though I’d prefer to hand it off to someone local to Cambridge/Boston (cheaper).

If no one local is interested, and it is otherwise complete, I’d take it. I’d even paypal you for shipping.

I will check tomorrow to make sure it’s otherwise complete. Found your twitter, will Follow to DM any followup, since this thread closes shortly.

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