My daughter and I share a Nintendo Switch

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You’re a good dad. Have you gotten Enter the Gungeon yet?

I know, I keep bringing it up, but it is my most played game still.

I still haven’t beat it but I am getting closer.

The official trailers are too animated, no game play. Here is some game play. Haven’t seen it all but should show the game play. They added a TON of stuff with the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns update.

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I will grab a copy when I get home to the Switch. I have no tried it yet. I have been playing Burnstar by Gearbox a bit.

I Play it with keyboard and mouse on my computer, but I have heard it is a bit easier to aim with the aim assist on twin sticks.

I use an Xbox One Controller to play Enter The Gungeon on PC. I’d also recommend the Nintendo Pro Controller if you want to play Switch on the TV. It’s very comfortable.

I did get a PS2? clone for my computer to play some other games. I haven’t used it on Enter the Gungeon because I generally do poorly with twin stick for aiming and shooting. I should give it a shot, but I feel like I am so used to keyboard and mouse with the game…

my 12 yr old son has grown up with a laptop computer, Nintendo DS3D, ipad… but no “console” games.

his godmother bought him a switch in july for 12th birthday


we have a strict - computer ONLY for schoolwork" during the week - but on weekends? any tech is available

He has been doing ‘chores’ to "earn’ money for games

I like your recommendation, and will see if MarioKart gets bought this weekend.

have you used one of the external battery packs?

and any opinions apprecated


I have not, but I will. I have been using my KMASHI 20000 mAh as a battery extender, but it doesn’t feed fast enough. Mark referred me to another battery I have waiting here to try… Sitting in the VW I have a house battery to charge off of. Sitting in my other car I do not want to drain the battery or mess around, the one time I’ve swapped the battery on that car it was an electronics fun-festival for days as things reset themselves.

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My son and I share a Nintendo Switch. And i don’t get a look in. The end.

I don’t think i’d make a very good BoingBoing contributor.


After a good discussion in another thread about the pluses of the Switch awhile back, and after talking with my brother who has had a Switch for awhile now, I finally caved and got one last Thursday, so I’ve had it about a week.

I recommend hooking it up to the TV anyway, because it’s silly easy to go from the TV to mobile, and kinda fun.

I’m still trying to dial in what my favorite games are. I’m finding myself playing more of Resident Evil Revelations 2 in Raid mode than anything else; when I have time for gaming.

I also lost a crazy number of hours to Mario Odyssey on Saturday. I swear it was only noon-ish, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t at all.

I’m very happy I finally bought one – and don’t regret my obstinate delay since it means I have more games to choose from.

@Mister44 Enter the Gungeon is on my short list to pick up; I’ve only held off because I already have it on my PS4, but having it mobile might be nice enough for me to double-dip rather than using the money to buy something else I haven’t played before. I’m kind of hoping for a sale.


Regarding a good case for your Switch, I bought the PowerA Messenger Bag from Amazon and it comes with a handy little zip up “hard case”. Normally when I decide to take my Switch with me to play on the go, I’ll put it in the case and in my usual messenger bag (that has a few sketch books, pencil bag, a novel and my power bank. I’d suggest checking this out: PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag - Nintendo Switch

Clearly your son needs to be enrolled in an extremely time consuming and electronics unfriendly hobby/sport/pastime… :slight_smile:

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If you’re battery shopping, check out this article it really clears up the confusing details about how fast differnt charging tech will charge your Switch.

You are really missing out not hooking the Switch up to the TV.

Of course if you have plenty of time to sit in front of the TV to make playing a game on xbox worth it, then any cross platform game will be better on Xbox.

But the Nintendo games and some of the other exclusives ( e.g. Octopath Traveler) look soooo good on a nice big screen. Also there is nothing more relaxing than playing a laid back game on a big screen with the split joycons, you don’t even have to lift your arms. Top it off with the great local multiplayer opportunities with your daughter and the convenient charging, the Dock is a really great thing to set up.

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Tell me about it! :roll_eyes:

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I have a case on order. I didn’t want the whole messenger bag, so I ordered just a case. I should also get a new screen protector, as mine is cracked up.

It’s worth hooking up to the TV. Playing a game like Zelda BOTW or Mario Odyssey you see a lot more detail and the views are almost breathtaking on a 55" screen vs a small 720p portable screen. I rarely play mine out and about, I’m usually on the couch. Its nice to have the option when I want to be somewhat social with the family by staying in the same room while someone else uses the TV, as opposed to escaping to another room. I don’t really game “on the go”.

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