Mystery barge in SF Bay belongs to Google?





…seriously, now may lame attempt at humor is being rejected by the BBbot for being insufficiently verbose and thus not adhering to the stylistic and aesthetic standard of what, a disembodied collection of someone else’s thoughts and abstracted actions burned forever into the net yet completely ephemeral, recreated de novo again and again and again in the endless meaningless life of a half-assed daemon, curtailing the free expression of real people yet never understanding what the point of it all is. Whatever, I might as well argue with the wind. Fine. Have your text. I sincerely hope this meets your exacting standards you uptight arrangement of logic WTF am I really calling a script you has it really gotten this bad that I need to assign a corporeal reality to some scrap of code in order to have a target for my free-floating ennui and disillusionment so that I not actually arguing with the wind I’m not am I am I i …


Brevity is the soul of Reddit, apparently.

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I’m worried that they know something that we don’t and they’re actually building a space ARK.


Gatekeeper don’t like all caps.

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And that data is hot! HOT!

It’s their self driving barge, obviously.


Must be a giant pyramid with an All Seeing Eye at the top which will collect and catalog every single thought from all of humanity.

And then sell that data to well-heeled advertisers

I somehow doubt this is going to be a floating data center. There are a huge number of problems with such a system.

If you’re using wave generation for power, then they need to be anchored pretty far offshore and you need a lot of them for the power draw of both pumping seawater for cooling and running machines.

You need to haul the whole ship out of the sea at least once every 4 years to do maintenance on the hull which is probably a good thing because a barge this low + sea spray + not-quite-airtight shipping containers means accelerated corrosion plus mold and fungus.

Then there is the small problem of internet access on a bobbing boat. You can have a microwave link as long as you don’t go much beyond 3 miles for gigabit speeds, but you’ll need some exceptionally good stabilizers on the marine side and even then, you’re pretty much limited to ~6 Gbps per tower and I’m not even sure if the FCC allows non-fixed antennas for most of the really high bandwidth frequencies like the e-band.

Then again, Google does buy so many machines that they can afford to have a data center randomly go offline.

Piracy, for one.


…and suddenly it becomes some sort of Neal Stephenson tale…

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Nay, William Gibson. This is Spook Country through and through.

Oh ffs just put them in space. All the cooling you’ll ever need and easy access too!

Though I am currently 18% of the way through REAMDE and it reads more like Gibson than Stephenson.

Someone should point a thermal infrared camera at the thing to see what it looks like.

Why does everyone think offshore data would work? Do you really think that being in international waters protects you? It’s not like the US (and a dozen other countries) don’t have highly trained counter-insurgency units which could break into and compromise/destroy/sink whatever little boat you throw out into the water. If they ever really considered the operation a threat (or if they just trumped up a fake threat in the news) they could just drop a bomb on it or torpedo it. Who would even know if they did? You’re in the middle of the freaking ocean with no witnesses. Going offshore isn’t like waving a magic wand of protection.

This was an interesting longread about Sealand and offshore data.

My first thought: offshore data literally

My second thought: Fringe season 4

No need for even that. There would have to be a connection to the internet and that connection would be compromised on the ISP side.

Thermal is not infrared. Thermal would show a large container, show you what the outside temp of that container is, and give a loose idea of locations for internal heat sources if the outside walls of that container are not insulated. Infrared would show what it looks like in black and white… in the dark.

Sorry to say, but I think Hollywood has seriously messed up your conception of how the world works.

… That’s why I said “thermal infrared camera”, which is a thing.

Thermal infrared is a subtype of infrared. Specifically, wavelengths of 8–15 µm, while infrared refers to the entire range of 700 nm – 1 mm.

I did think this through, mate. :wink: