Mystery barge in SF Bay belongs to Google?


If they are not building some kind of awesome space craft, I’ll be sad.


A sadpear, no doubt.

One can only hope that the Googleplex 9000 blasts off soon.


Who cares about spaceships when… offshore data… you mean data stored in international waters? Data with no government oversight!

Floating Google Glass showroom.

It is a temporal disruption generator to keep Page from aging until Google research succeeds in their life-extension quest.

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There is one in the harbor in Portland, Maine as well:

And apparently two more somewhere…

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Three barges are required to properly focus the temporal disruption field…
Rumor is that Apple is ready to slap a cease and desist order on them since the technology is based on Job’s reality distortion field.

Yea, must be Google. Couldn’t possibly be a front for the NSA.

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Google is a front for the NSA.


Forget “the cloud;” I send my data to “the sea.”


BoingBoing, home of the 24 hour tape delay

Agreed. Liquid water has vastly more density than vapours.

My bet is this is how the Borg begins.

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Ah, a perfect customer for my new sea-based storage solution, “Davy Jones’ Locker”

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Finally, a real floating data haven bound for international waters. I don’t count Sealand.

Maybe they’re planning to use OTEC to make a self-sufficient seaborne server farm.

It is the frickin’ “Oosh Maker” … isn’t it?

In space no one can hear you search (except the NSA, of course)

No, it´s a prison, a prison to send al those pesky young kids who meddle in grow up affairs, like in that book “Little Brother”.

Does Cory know about it yet?