Narcan goes OTC

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I saw a sign for it at the CVS yesterday. Apparently they’re keeping it with the pharmacists.

It’s a little steep on the price- but if I can save a life; it might belong in my emergency kit.


I do wonder if the stigma attached to opiod addictions will make it tough for those who need it to purchase it OTC. Can’t let this displace other ways of getting a lifesaving drug into people’s hands.

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I want to add a dose or two to mine and my GF IFAK kits. If anyone knows of a place donating them, please share.

I know there are are some tribal organizations doing programs in Oklahoma, but haven’t found a way to get some for personal use yet.

I am told statistically you are more likely to need Narcan than a tourniquet or Quikclot gauze.

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This looks like a good resource.

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I recently attended a party populated mostly by early-twenty-somethings. I was surprised to learn that some of them carry Narcan on them all of the time. I don’t know how representative that crowd was but it certainly didn’t appear to be stigmatized - just SOP for today’s youth.


I would venture to guess on average younger people are doing drugs. Many people know someone who ODed. And certainly opioid use has risen dramatically from when I was in my 20s, so it really makes sense if you are the prepared type.

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Perfect! Thanks! Kansas has a program and ordered one!

I found out that you can’t keep it in your car where I generally store my IFAK, but my GF can put some in her purse, and most of the time I have cargo pants. I can find an Altoids box or some other box to store it in.

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Also (if you are considering first aid certification) you are unlikely to do CPR, but if you do, it will most likely be on a family member.

So please consider learning first aid, I just did it when I first had a child. I find it useful all the time. Sometimes all I can do is make the dispatcher and paramedics better informed and make the person needing help feel less stressed - even a mere first aider asking obviously structured questions and assuring can greatly reduce the stress they are under.


I have it a goal at work to take a CPR course this year.

When my kiddo was born I took an infant CPR course.

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Vancouver BC has a serious opioid problem, in part from being a Pacific port city where drugs are smuggled from overseas for the North American market and partly because of people with mental health issues using drugs to self-medicate. It’s considered a serious problem that’s had this step implemented by the Provincial government (per the College of Pharmicists of BC):
“Take-home naloxone kits are available at community pharmacies throughout British Columbia. Pharmacists will provide these kits free-of-charge to people who use opioids or are likely to witness an overdose.”


My youngest was trained to use Narcan as part of her various club activities at UBC. This was about 4-5 years ago.

I thought that was what “over the counter” meant. No prescription needed, but some gatekeeping by the pharmacists. The definitions I read don’t address it this way, so yet again, TIL.

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Operating Thetan Committee?

My TLAs are overbooked.

I hope your TLAs are good, cuz I’ll just say: OK, NP.

They do the same thing with things like Sudafed and some of the pricier OTC meds.



Here’s an interesting discussion on the history and usage:

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Either that, or whisper “you should have bought me the pony I asked for when I was five” in their ear while they’re still conscious. Depends, I guess.

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