NASA re-creates historic earthrise photo on Apollo 8 anniversary, in video form




“Calm down, Lovell.” That’s hilarious.

If they hadn’t had a camera that allowed the film type to be changed mid-roll, they wouldn’t have been able to change films fast enough to catch it. Score one for Hasselblad.


That really sounded like a line from “Big Bang Theory”. It will enter my lexicon of stock phrases, possibly replacing, “Ripley you’ve just blown the transaxle, you’re just grinding metal. Ease down, Ease down.”


A Hasselblad became Sweden’s first satellite in 1966 during the Gemini 10 mission when Collins’ Hasselblad camera worked itself free and drifted off into orbit.

Anyway, this is really nice.


Oh, come ON, NASA! These ones aren’t even good fakes! It’s like they’re not even trying these days. CGI has ruined everything…


George Walton Lucas! You get out of that NASA video editing room RIGHT NOW!


Wow, in retrospect it’s surprising that they weren’t more prepared for that shot; that it wasn’t one specific goal of the mission.


It’s also cool that he called out the camera settings for the shot. Tell someone on the street, “two-fifty at f/11” and it’s unlikely they’ll know what the hell you’re talking about.
That’s some great footage. Both that “Earthrise” image and the “Blue marble” image have stayed with me ever since I can recall seeing them, so it’s nice to hear how important it was to the astronauts. Gotta say, that’s badass–rushing for the camera to grab a shot of Earth rising over the moon…beats my crappy sunsets any day of the week.


I’m glad they did that too. I’ll have my camera correctly set up when I get the chance to snap an Earth-rise :slight_smile:


I love this, one of the greatest photographic images ever taken. Amazing new insight into how it was made.


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