NASA unveils cool new digital countdown clock just in time for Orion Flight Test


Pet Peeve, but the old clock was digital as well. no clock face to be seen. However the new clock is very nice. I would rather see one of the old electromechanical flip clocks if only as an homage to the Apollo era.


Came to say the same thing. And even if it had been a hand-and-face clock, so long as the hands moved in discrete steps, rather than a continuous sweep, wouldn’t that still be digital?

Okay, so it can do the countdown. But can it do The Countdown to the Countdown?!?!

So it looks like 40-50 years is the lifespan of even the simplest electronic devices, even with all the resources that doting NASA can bring to make repairs.

The one thing that really struck home for me about the film Interstellar was the idea that when resources get tight, and they will get tight post peak oil, we are not going to be spending all our disposable income on shiny devices with mesmerizing screens like we do today. When the period of contraction happens we’re going to be eating all the corn we can produce rather than trying to figure out ways to burn it to power and produce more screens.

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