NASA's Cassini spacecraft to do close fly-by of Saturn's moon Dione on June 16

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That’s a very parochial schedule. Wouldn’t UCT be more appropriate?

S’nuffin’ to do wiv me bein’ in the UK, like, mate.


Fantasy writers and RPG developers around the world are probably slapping themselves for not coming up with the concept of “ice volcanoes” first.

To be fair, at least Xeni put a time zone in. Now, I just have to figure out how many time zones away I am: “Are they on DST?, Is my time zone on DST?, Crap, I have to look it up in Wikipedia…”, etc.),

So often, I’ll see an article somewhere (I’m looking at you, The Intercept) with “Today, at 4:31 AM”. My time zone? The Greenwald’s home time zone? Or where the story is based? Pierre Omidyar’s time zone? Grrrr!

On the Internet, it’s UTC. Nothing else will do.


Wait, Cassini’s still up there flying around? I thought they retired it last summer…

Maybe they #rekt something else… They smashed MESSENGER into Mercury a month or two ago, right? Or am I misremembering that too?

Truly, Cassini is the little spacecraft that could. Along with Spirit and Opportunity.

I’ve even seen NASA and JPL release announcements about stuff like eclipses without timezone info. You’d think experts in spacetime and relativity would know better.

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