NASA's gorgeous music video for Claude Debussy's "Clair de Lune"

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Also see tour of moon in 4k


I just love Clair de Lune, but it was really weird hearing this while looking at Baphomet.


Let’s see what they make of Constant Lambert’s “Invocation to the Moon” from the ballet “Horoscope”…

Gosh. Lambert had an affair with Margot Fonteyn? I didn’t know that.

I was given Clair de Lune to learn long before I ever heard it and it just looked insane on paper. 9//8. All the flats (or sharps depending on the section; same diff it turns out). I just figured out the notes (difficult enough as this sucker uses practically the entire keyboard) and winged how the timing worked. Turned out that I pretty much guessed correctly. I, too, adore this piece. Also, it seems Everett pianos were almost made just for this piece. They have a middle pedal that works as a lower half sostenato, which seems vital for sustaining the low notes without muddying the upper range. I truly have no idea how you play this without that pedal.

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