NASA's new "space fabric"


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‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ was way out in front of this one


Not sure how comfortable it would be, but that would make a fabulous looking little space-fabric dress.


So, lamellar armor at a higher resolution?


Seems an idiotic thing to 3D print. 3D printing is generally not the best option for making thousands of identical things, such as the mini-tiles shown here.


Did we mention it was 3d printed inside the Haunted Mansion?


If you print it then you don’t have to join it. The structure might not even be possible with joins.


It’s a Klingon fashion staple. Original Series!


Nothing compares to SPACE PANTS


It looks like a small format tile sample from Home Depot


Looks like the stuff Thor wears in the movies.



Why not hexagons?

Why not varying shapes and sizes to conform to the underlying topography and range of motion?


If you print it,
they will come.


Good point - or triangles.


Funny you should post that:

At one time (the 60s, I believe) NASA did actually look to medieval armor for space suit design ideas and solutions.


That’s interesting. Klingon men are plate-protected from the waist down, while the females’ arms are plated-protected. Maybe something about Klingon females beating up on the males where it hurts?


Penrose tiles!


Spock opted for bigger plates. Nice choice. Very nice.


You’re correct, but I can imagine many ways to join these tiles that would provide the flexibility demonstrated here. 3D printing is great for prototyping, but is seldom the preferred route to mass production.