Nastygrams shut down site that created fonts of famous songwriters' handwriting

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The real question: Is there a mirror?


I wonder which intellectual property rights were being asserted, copyright or publicity rights? (I hate the use of the term “intellectual property rights” like it was a single simple thing. It makes me want to use red hot irons on people. “Which is it? Copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, or publicity rights? Confess!”)

Compared to copyright, publicity rights are a murky swamp.

(In truth, the issue is: “We can afford lawyers and you can’t! Surrender Dorothy!”)


Once upon a time, THE END.


The Cobain font based on his suicide note was a bit much. That’s just creepy.


Wait, what? Handwriting is copyrighted?


Nothing leaves the interwebs. You can find the files here:


Yeah, that’s a very insensitive inclusion of an unnecessary document, given there’s an entire book of his handwriting. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what summoned the IP police, though the Lennon estate is pretty maniacal about enforcement, too.


Glad I grabbed them all when they were available.

Ya my lawyer says you can copyright the deads likeness. Crazy shit.

If the DN links ever get pulled, wayback has the site with downloads too.


Their data is their data!

Your data belongs to Facebook.


I think the bigger issue is identifying the font with the name of the celebrity. It’s not the letters that are protected, but the right to publicity for the original creator.

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yeah, I was thinking his journal—the pages are photostats of his actual journal and available at any bookstore—was a big enough sample to get his hand down. Including the suicide note as an example in the pic on the typeface website seemed really off.

I don’t think it ought to be illegal, but “I can make writing that looks like the famous person’s writing” seems pretty shallow to me. Publicity about “inspiring new generations” aside, it just comes off as pointless celebrity worship. A Bowie tee-shirt is one thing (and I’m increasingly less hyped about that kind of thing these days, too) but to me the only cool part about these typefaces was the proof-of-concept that a person’s handwriting can be made into a passable computer font. And that’s been done before, anyhow.

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Nobody expects the Clarification Inquisition!

Maybe I should just be grateful that my parents don’t charge me royalties for using their DNA.


I wish there was an app or website that would take a handwriting sample and make it into a font. My sister-in-law has impeccable printing and years ago I tried making a font from it but gave up after a while. I’ve also wanted an XKCD font.

In other XKCD related wishes I’ve always wanted Randall Munroe to design all my work documentation. I think it would be much clearer and more fun to read.

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