Natas Kaupas skates 1987


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dig everything about this. the 80s were spectacular the style, the tricks, the clothes, the cars… everything

i remember all the skaters in TX goin bonkers cause Natas is Satan spelled backwards! he was so cool. and smooth

if you had a set of Kaupas Etnies? you were so cool. if you could ride walls? moreso


Banned in Long Beach.


When I was growing up in the late 80s and early 90s Natas was such a hero.

He still is, but he’s also just a really great guy.

It makes me happy that he still makes others happy with his work. So good. So pure.


What amazes me more about this little film is the distinct lack of people and traffic.


And the music!


Noticed the VW camper van around 4:30m. Love it. Won’t ever own one, and TBH that’s better that way.

But IF I lived in California, or any other mediterranean climate region, I would love to have one of those…


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