National Cancer Institute director, in email to staff, warns of increasingly dire effects of shutdown on science


“increasingly dire effects of shutdown on science”

That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

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But… but… the shutdown was only for ‘non-essential’ things!

This is going to suck for someone that has spent $50,000 to develop a strain of transgenic mice that are going to euthanized.

This is not just a problem NCI, this is affecting all Federal research funding orgs. The silent killer though is that the funding we receive has been piecemealed out for the past couple of years because Congress has been unable to pass a budget on time. Instead they have been providing funding in bits and pieces. It is very hard to provide consistent, long term research funding when you are unsure how much funding you will be getting and when it will come in. It also means that we have to do a new contracting action for temporary budget. This increase in volume gums things up and makes it more unpredictable for the universities and companies we fund.

Why should the GOP care? They don’t believe in science. They see science as an alternate belief system. They had fucking Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin on the Committee on Science. Ralph Hall doesn’t think global warming exists because of God. Mo Brooks thinks global warming is a conspiracy so scientists can rake in the cash (cause that’s what scientists do). They don’t care about sick kids, or they’d want them to have health insurance so they could prevent and treat FUCKING ILLNESSES. ARGH! FUCK EVERYONE! Okay sorry.


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