National Geographic loves weed so much, they're devoting an entire print issue to it


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Angry letters to cancel their subscriptions coming in 3…2…1…


amazing and inspiring that we don’t have to endure yet another politicized weed-trounce from the status quo, who can go f*ck themselves.


On the other hand, if they spread a rumour that they’d impregnated the cover with THC, it could be their bestselling issue ever!


Seriously, can we do something for the children that is actually helpful to children?


I hope they go the whole hog and print the issue on hemp paper.


Your friend, the Troll, loves weed so much, he is devoting an entire weekend to it!

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This reminds me, back in the early 1970s when I was a dedicated cannabis smoking teen, I recall being pleased to read a NatGeo article about Nepal & rural life there. It had a photo of a middle aged Nepalese woman preparing a dark coloured agricultural product, a solid lump that looked like it weighed a few pounds.The photo’s caption said something like “a woman prepares a paste made from the cannabis plant.” It was a huge piece of Nepalese black hash, though NatGeo apparently didn’t then want to come out & say “Nepalese woman prepares illegal narcotic, hashish” ! When I was buying hash regularly in the early 1970s, Nepalese was about the best quality frequently or periodically available. Lebanese and Pakistani hash were common. Nepalese wasn’t always available, but was always the best, & had a distinctively black colour as opposed to Lebanese blonde or red, or Pakistani dark green. Fast forward 40+ years to 2015, & NatGeo is unashamedly upfront about writing about cannabis as a drug, even if it may be emphasizing its medical, rather than recreational, uses. It sure has taken a long time for pot to actually start transitioning into a legal drug NatGeo can feature in a magazine issue. Glad I’m living long enough to see it happen. Now, if we could only see the end of the rest of the failed war-on-drugs before I die…


While I enjoyed it every day, throughout my youth, I’ve since come to recognise that it is, in fact, worse than methamphetemine and now wholeheartedly promote the death penalty (after protracted incarceration) for abusers of this dangerous and mind destroying narcotic. If we could only eradicate it from the face of the earth we would no longer have to discuss the issue. Well perhaps not completely eradicate it. If we could only ensure that the only abusers of this deadly narcotic were minorities with poor representation within the halls of justice, I would get richer based on my investment portfolio leveraged upon the human misery and incarceration of said minorities.


To bad they did not print this issue on hemp paper. Oh? Is it still illegal to grow non THC laden hemp in the U.S.?


I’d like to believe everyone will understand you’re being sarcastic here, but I fear not everyone will. Sometimes it’s a good idea to precede such comments with “[sarcasm mode ON]” or something to tip people off so it’s crystal clear to all.


Well actually they aren’t dedicating an entire print issue to it as is completely evident by the other unrelated headlines that appear across the bottom of the cover. It’s just a cover story, not that that isn’t plenty cool in and of itself.


I completely agree with your sentiment in general and in the bizarre societal baggage that makes people feel a need to appeal to helping children in this case.

However, I also have a young cousin who uses medical marijuana because until she did, she had been having daily seizures (not sure the current term, but the kind formerly known as grand mal seizures) since birth.


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