National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year 2017 contest winners

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Jayaprakash Joghee Bojan risked crocodiles and other dangers to snap this stunning image of an orangutan, named National Geographic’s top nature photo for 2017.

That’s an unusual name for an orangutan; aren’t they normally called things like “Bobo” and “the Librarian”, or has this one got a sponsorship deal?

Nice photo, though.


wow, just wow. dammit, I just spent an hour staring at these pics. I have to get back to work now, and it just seems so…insignificant.


Sorts out the casual snap shot from those taken by the trained and gifted eye. What a nice lift from the drab view of the world polluted by political misfortune.


The Orangutan looks like he’s been caught in some kind of compromised situation. Just as he was about to slip into a back alley rendezvous with the head Crocodile his nemesis snaps his picture. Damn it! Well maybe they think we all look a like and won’t be able to I.D. me. Now on to that Croc…it’s always some kind of monkey business with these guys.

or maybe it was nothing like that at all… but damn that’s a great photo and had to take a lot of planning and certainly discomfort and risk!

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