Neal Stephenson's SNOW CRASH is just $2 as a Kindle book today

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I liked the book, but it didn’t really “blow my mind” because what he was describing was pretty much just an minor extrapolation of what was actually available in 1992. It’s obvious that Stephenson had explored the MUD world as his vision of virtual reality was clearly based on it. Even the non-cyberspace parts were very real world based. Maybe we don’t have outlets of sovereign Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong scattered about, but the idea that you could travel hundreds of miles and see the same things was familiar to anyone who visited a mall. And the one of the villains was clearly supposed to be a version of Ross Perot (admittedly one with his own aircraft carrier), who was relevant in 1992.


Still 12.99 AUD here.

If you want to go further down the rabbit hole, Cryptonomicon is at $3.00.


This sale could be trouble for those with POOR IMPULSE CONTROL


Thanks for the heads-up! I still remember the force of the kaboom when this book first blew my mind.

iBooks as well.

I remember running across this idea as a teen when I was reading Larry Niven’s “Ringworld” for the first time. Louis Wu was hopping through teleporters to different cities across the world, staying ahead of the sun to make his 200th birthday last as long as possible. He was bored and thinking about how no matter where he went, everything had become the same. It was written in 1970.

That said, I haven’t read “Snow Crash”, so yeah. I’m in.

Got this too. Thanks.

Poor impulse control, you say? I don’t know what you are talking about. (but I assume it has something to do with the plot of the book itself; while also being a pretty spot on call-out to one of my biggest failings as an adult-type person)


That’s a hell of a deal for a 1000 page book that’s actually good!

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Anyone with knowledge of coding should probably avoid reading this story on any kind of digital device, just in case.


What? Are you saying it’s depiction of computer science is inaccurate and will cause said reader to throw their device into the wall??? I think the experienced SF reader knows when to just let go, and not worry about the assumptions made to drive plot. Same caveat would apply to Neuromancer or any AI plot going back at least to Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

That said, I have trouble in this dept. I hate Marvel movies not for their magic powers, but for their suspension of general physics & inertia.

Pft. Physics and inertia are for realists. /s

I’m wondering why you are calling out Marvel though. Does DC get it right? Or do you not even go there?

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The latter. Hardly worth picking on they’re so pathetic. But people ADORE Marvel. I watched Deadpool after all the glowing reviews. Unkillable superhealing man? Sure, I’ll buy that. But his girlfriend should be red jelly in that capsule after falling hundreds of feet to concrete!

No, I’m saying those individuals should avoid reading it on a digital device just in case its depiction of computer science IS accurate.


I just started reading it on my digital device at lunch. I’m a slow reader, but I like it so far.

Yep; I do see that. In the second paragraph, “… it fires teensy darts that fly at five times the velocity of an SR-71 spy plane …”

Oh yeah. I remember the SR-71… the USAF stopped using them in 1998.

It’s not hurting my enjoyment so far at least.

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