Need help mellowing out lately? These meditation apps might calm you down

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This might be the most relevant and timely boingboingshop post ever.

How old am I that seeing the headphone jack come out of the bottom of that phone stresses me?

Don’t answer that, please.

Deep… relaxing… breath…

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Yeah, but meditation and relaxation shouldn’t cost so much, especially at times like this.


Insight app has 40k free meditations, with a decent system for sorting them out, by topic, by voices or not, music or not, male or female voices, duration, etc.
Click on “meditiations” in the first screen, then “meditations” in the second screen.
There is a paid option, but they’re not at all pushy.
Also long playing nature sounds for cheery background while working, or for getting to sleep.


I agree. Those prices are, for the most part, absurd.

I’m a big fan of for soothing background sounds. Best of all it’s mostly free, but you can make a modest donation if you wish.

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I recommend “Mindfulness in Plain English” by Henepola Gunaratana. The whole book can be downloaded as PDF for free, is very technical and low on dogma.

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