Need suggestions for a good cheap color laser printer

I’m looking to buy a new, good, cheap color laser printer.

Toner costs are a big consideration, I’d ideally like a printer who’s toner is affordable.

Any suggestions from my fellow mutants?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

how many pages per month will you print?

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Look for sales and refurbs, that will probably save a lot more than brand.

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most likely under 100, it is just for personal use.

i would prefer:
higher dpi as I do print artwork
separate color replacements, so if i use more of one color i don’t have to replace an all-in-one
i don’t need scanning/faxing

printing photos/artworks calls for a high-end(ish) printer. with the low page count it could be financially interesting to use a copy shop for the prints on a professional machine

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I do own a Xerox Phaser solid ink printer, which is fantastic quality, and supposedly one of the lowest cost per print…but it costs me a fortune to use, the replacement ink is $300 per set, and if you turn the printer off it wastes a TON of the ink clearing all the channels. It is only low cost if you print a lot and always leave it on. For my main usage scenario it totally sucks, but for larger print runs it is great.

What I want is a cheap color laser for the occasional low volume printing I do at home.
There seems to be a few color laser printers in the $300CAD range that print pretty high dpi (2400) but I really don’t know which ones are any good. This is the kind of thing where I’m only in the market for a new one so infrequently that I don’t really have any idea which ones are good and which ones are crap. Guess I’ll try reading through the amazon reviews as well.


okay, I understand the real question (I’m slow, sorry) - you need a working colour printer for cheap and easy drafts before using the real printer.

@Boundegar’s tip to buy a refurbished printer is exactly what you want, I would suggest a used Kyocera FS model (the exact type is nearly irrelevant): low running costs and in my experience extremly stable and low-maintenance printers.

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