Nerdcore rapper Sammus's amazing OSCON keynote


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Her most recent singles–1080p, The Feels, and the supreme Mighty Morphing–are so personal and awesome and are what really got me into her. They also have struggled to get any views on her YouTube channel.


Neat. Was she wearing it under her Metroid arm cannon?


I had never heard of her before but when I tried teaching some Skillshare classes I came across and took one of hers.


Trying to get audience participation from nerds. It was really quiet.



Thank you for those, so powerful.


yeah, I always feel bad for performers put in these situations. People don’t go to these things to rock out or do whatever it is they do with rappers, so half tha audience just sits there, uninterested, and the other half wants to get into it, but is too embarrassed or whatever to get up and dance in front of co-workers or other nerds.

You have to be a good performer to continue on when the crowd is just sitting there not giving you anything to feed off of.

She is a very talented rapper, but as much cool cred this will likely garner on The Internets, it was a very strange choice for the keynote…


Yeah maybe but don’t feel bad for Sammus, she’s more than glad she did it.


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