Net Neutrality video: don't flush our rights away!


Well, that is a fun little video. Is that Demitri Martin?

The problem is that it says nothing about the issue. Expensive internet is most certainly NOT the issue.

The issue is that internet providers basically have a monopoly in any given region because the government told them that was OK. And since the internet providers are also the video media providers, and the voice telecommuncation providers, they are using their monopoly power over the internet to shut down competition from other, internet-based providers of video media and voice telecommunication.

Net neutrality is about getting the government to say that it’s not OK to do that.

The cable companies will say that it’s anti-capitalist to make a regulation about it. But it wasn’t anti-capitalist when the government subsidized their infrastructure because the infrastructure was in the common interest. Also, they were granted local monopolies in exchange for some regulatory control over prices. But hey, they’ve found loopholes around that deal, and they’ll be damned if they’re going to let Netflix get in the way of them raking it in hand-over-fist from digital cable TV.

When people start complaining about net neutrality because of “internet prices,” they’re missing the point and mucking up the issue.

What’s with the toilets? Whoosh… (over my head)

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I’m also reasonably confident it’s not about the right to selfies and facebook chat.

EDIT: Sez me, exercising a right to post an unsolicited opinion.

EDIT EDIT: Well it’s not even a right, really. Just an opportunity.

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