Network as though it was the first days of a better nation


One nation? I suspect that within a few years we’ll have thousands of nations - many of them better.

But if we had enough confidence that they were only under due process
with a warrant that was specific in limited cases - I want the security
services to be able to get into my phone.

Hmmm i see a slight disparity here with her co-founder on the subject of GCHQ, particularly when he appeared on newsnight and seemed just fine and dandy with them poking around in his phone provided they follow due process DESPITE ALL EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY!

Thousands? There are only about 200 countries on earth right now - even counting historical nations, you probably couldn’t clear multiple thousands very easily.

Not through the existing structures - bypassing these 200 is precisely the point. , dammit

Big-ups to @William_Holz

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Oh man, I owe you guys a huge update on that too!

I wish somebody with a platform of some sort would help out. It’s fundamentally pretty obvious but kind of difficult to describe well.

When I network I know its most pleasant when we are all more self-congratulatory.

Sounds like a personal problem!

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