New ad asks if Facebook makes Zuckerberg's kids proud, airing tonight

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Is there a person on this planet who could be more easily read than this guy? One can clearly see his discomfort with what he’s saying. I don’t think he is a psycho/sociopath (yes, i am an armchair psychologist) at all - I just think that his job is obviously way too much for him to handle, both intellectually and emotionally. He would do us all a favor if he just disappeared from the decision making process at facebook AND our lives in general.


“Daddy Daddy! Tell us again how you started Facebook!”

Hello Children. I started it by assigning numerical values to women based on physical appearance. This concludes story time thank you.


Power? Ego? Hubris? Why don’t people realize when it’s time to leave the party? Like I said yesterday in my comment in the post about Quibbi (Quilbi? Quiddi?), once you get lucky and win the lottery, man, you don’t need to play anymore!


My beef with Facebook is not that it’s headed by Mark Zuckerberg, though. As long as millions of people choose to spend hours each day on Facebook in its current form, it’s not like a different CEO would make a meaningful difference. And if we all chose basic mental hygiene, it wouldn’t matter who was running Facebook.


Never forget…


Again?! Well…alright. Tonight I’ll go even further back, so listen close, girls: you don’t get shit in this world unless your born into privilege. Someday you’ll fucking thank me, you can bet on it! Now hand daddy the whisky over there!


Certainly not, no. There’s a certain kind of sociopathy associated with the idea that not only is Zuckerberg unsuited to manage the social media lives of 2+ billion people but that anyone is. That’s before you start diving into the falsehoods programmers (often white and male) believe that get baked into the system.


And also just the whole project is rotten. It replaces civilisation with an endless groundhog day of signing each other’s yearbooks, when nothing has ever been written in a yearbook that wasn’t phony, desperate, cruel or some combination of the three. You could put Jimmy Carter in charge, it’d still be a hell engine.


If you think Facebook’s unaccountable business model has facilitated a horrifying breakdown of civil discourse in the United States then wait until you see what they enabled in other countries.

It is no exaggeration to say that Facebook allowing people to spread false information on their platform has led directly to mass slaughters claiming thousands of lives around the globe.

If they suck this bad at shutting down the Proud Boys, imagine how slow they are to take action against hate speech in a region where there is not one Facebook employee who can speak the dominant language, let alone understand the local cultural and political environment well enough to effectively moderate how people are using the platform.


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