New Horizons spacecraft survived trip to Pluto, and everything is “nominal”

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How long will it take to receive all the imagery from the flyby?

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Estimate I read was near a full year for everything the probe will get. Distance coupled with multiple sends to make sure data all comes through takes time.



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any word on who the awesome blue-haired woman is? every major space exploration event now needs a cool scientist with awesome hair (it’s internet law!). the mars mission had Boback and his mohawk, i think she should be the one for this mission.


New Horizons: wither now?

NASA says 16 months to receive all of the data from the flyby. Yippee!!!

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I really wish they’d go back to short-sleeved button-downs and skinny ties and nervous chainsmoking. NASA Mission Control shouldn’t look like a goddamned Best Buy.

Yeah, you’d think they’d take up the chance to go retro '60s clothes and haircuts.

And I’m looking at the mess of Ethernet cables coming out of the walls. Get someone in to setup the place properly with those long rows of monitors and the big Name Bond Villain screen up front.

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