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You can use an iPhone with the cell part off, but I do not think you can activate an iPhone without a sim card. You may use an existing sim card from another phone, of course, but it needs to be a nano sim and I think it will mess up older services if you use it to activate a new account. Basically Apple wants the iPhone to be used as a phone with a valid cell number uniquely linked to a single individual. You can probably find a way around that, but it is not going to be convenient.

Basically, these devices: smartphones and tablets, from Apple and Android, are designed to be used in very particular ways. They are designed to be linked to a single human, identified by a single phone number linked to their official identity (e.g. social security number). Then, that person is expected to mainly use them to consume subscriptions (communications, music, videos, news, data storage) and buy software from the approved seller. They also identify you for advertising on the internet (more so under Android, obviously, but Apple also has iads). I seem to recall that the manufacturers expect around 100$ of revenue a year per device.

They can be used professionally, but this usually means that your company has to pay to have the system set up for their needs and only large companies can really do that.

The tablets, especially the iPads, are aslo recently marketed as a device for creators. I am not so sure how much of that is true. Not that you cannot draw or make music with them (you can and they are very good), but history shows that the phones have also been marketed for creation: photography and video. The setup is however designed that the easiest is to share your creations for free on several social networks.

So, basically, the creators of the mobile operating systems have carefuly designed their system to give you little privacy, have you pay subscriptions to consume other people’s creations and share yours for free. And that is what the vast majority of the over 2 billions users of smartphone do. By design.



I’m pretty sure you can just bypass activation through iTunes.



The timer does not go to forever it just gets really long. That way you can spend 12 hours starting the inquisition of the child before your next attempt. I think you need control at the end of each interval to maliciously extend to infinity. You also get that time to ask the rhetorical question. “What do you mean you have not backed it up in 6 months?”



That’s not true. The timerless disable never unlocks after any amount of time. It can be triggered after the first 10min disable depending on speed and pattern, it is an algorithm.

this was triggered by the smart keyboard cover shorting in the magnet connector, she never saw anything. her icloud hadn’t saved any of her most important stuff.

i’ve only learned so much about it because i’ve spent so much time with apple support, the local shops, researching online.



thanks. i have multiple mac desktops and laptops. she does not.

my daughter was sold by apple on the idea of just using an iphone and an ipad pro for school. no computer. they sell the large ipad pro with upgraded storage for more than most laptops as a laptop replacement. i got it all for her, and with keyboard and pencil and accessories it was over $3k so more than the computer would have been. but apple doesn’t offer a full mac computer tablet for art, so we went with it.

she offloaded her digital photos through a dongle sd card reader and from her iphone to her ipad. the ipas was her “hub”. her ipad itself wasn’t damaged in any way, but apple engineering flaw decided to lock her out of her data forever because of their faulty keyboard cover. uggggh.



I understood the bit about the keyboard cover, that the data is “there/not there”. That has got to be most frustrating.

Just, ya know, me I’m super paranoid about backups. Not in a mean way but I hope this makes you and your daughter paranoid about em too. Its just a truth that somehow devices fail one way or another.



SD cards. Apple. Ha ha ha.



Oh goody. I better check about back ups.

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That is one of the things I really hate about the iPad.

Apple has an SD reader for lightning. The iPad with USB-C supports standard SD readers. From the hardware side, this is no problem.

Except that the software is missing. The SD in the reader is mounted to the internal Unix file system, but no end user software can access it. All one can do is copy the content of the DCIM folder to “photos”.

If you have a wireless server which can read SD cards, you can access the data in the “files” application (somewhat, it is not always very convenient). But you cannot do that for stuff connected to the lightning port.

For Apple, it would be trivial to access the mounted SD card from the “files” application, next to the files in the cloud. Users are still waiting for that.



The cost difference between Apple device A and Apple device A with extra storage is a whole multiple of $100. That storage itself costs pennies. Good luck with that, enjoy your wait.



You are thinking of a built-in micro SD reader, so that buyers would save on memory prices. I don’t expect that. I am thinking of an external reader, to transfer photos or videos much faster than wireless. I am not the only one to wait.


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