New iPhone

Hmm. We’ll have to see how this fingerprint reading stuff goes. Would be nice as a PIN entry alternative for those who use PINs (I don’t). But I am also hearing that existing fingerprint tech is sketchy for those people who do a lot of manual labor, or have dry / rough skin.

Apple is usually quite careful about getting the implementations just right (or at least way better than most tech companies), but I’d wait for some reviews and testing on that particular bit first.


I think I’ll just use my assprint instead. Make it that much more fun for the NSA to wander around trying to collect those particular whorls and ridges.


Maybe they can provide some addition RAM to make that 64 bits useful…

Unfortunately, the better hardware is in the (IMHO) uglier phone. I like Apple, but prefer Android to iPhones, but that green 5c is nice looking!

Sigh. They don’t need to. The ARMv8 architecture is simply faster. Well optimised applications will make use of the full scope of the new instruction set, older code is supported in hardware. More registers, more cache, more… well everything. The fact that it is technically 64bit is almost a side issue.

Oh jeez, twice as fast. What a drag.

I don’t play games, but that demo made me want to try it out.

again, address space is not the only reason to use a 64-bit word width.

unfortunately, for most people i guess the easiest thing to understand about 64-bit machines is 64-bit pointers… but as you say it’s a new ISA, etc. with the proliferation of websites like tom’s hardware and ars technica, i’m surprised that more people do not know this stuff.

Ass scanners! As featured in Monsters vs. Aliens!


They had graphs!

The one downside to the gold model is I immediately think of Paris Hilton when I see it, and I’m not the sort of person that ever wants to think about Paris Hilton.

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I came to see a mockup of how my jackhammer jill sticker will look on the back of a gold.

Ha good point. And its funny that Apple seems to be reaching a bit to be “hip”. But I think the big thing threatening the iPhone’s future is that kids largely perceive it as being “their parents’ cellphone”. Its a bit staid. I guess that’s the price of Apple’s strategy of iterating instead of re-inventing: eventually it becomes a bit boring to people who want constant change. So lets make it gold!

This is the first time I haven’t liked the design of a new iPhone. I guess the grey one is all right.

I never stop thinking about Paris Hilton. I can’t stop thinking about Paris Hilton. I don’t want to stop thinking about Paris Hilton.

That said, I was surprised to find the “gold” model not that objectionable and even mildly desirable because it’s not nearly as blingy as the “gold” moniker would lead one to believe…

No SD card slot. Not surprised, just disappointed.

I love the idea of someone shoving their phone down their pants and scanning their arseholes to unlock them. I also imagine phone theft would drop dramatically.

Bluetooth earpiece, baby. One never goes ass-to-mouth.

It’s pimptastic!

Wow… they didn’t change the cable socket this time