New Jersey law would force Verizon to pay the taxes it avoided for a decade

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Get those taxes! Verizon have been sucking money out of New Jerseyans like a vampire squid.


There’s a first for everything, even in New Jersey.


Can we just not use Verizon to start with? Municipal services are much better anyway


NJ should use Verizon’s back taxes to fund grants for municipal broadband access.


100% best use of the money


Verizon sucks, now as ever.

Sounds like Verizon was committing tax fraud. Don’t they owe the money regardless of this new law?




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If I fraudulently claimed a decade’s worth of exemptions on my tax returns, you can bet your sweet bippy that I wouldn’t be breathing free air. Perhaps Verizon should face the corporate equivalent of that. (and perhaps the execs, and anyone else in the company aware that this fraud was being committed should not be breathing free air…)


Don’t forget the board


True. But I’m still waiting for “take him for a little ride” to be uttered benignly there.

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A question: Who (affiliated with Verizon) can (if at all) order the clawback of exec bonuses (to help pay the taxes)? Can stockholders vote that?

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I have Verizon cable and internet. I know I am paying a lot more than I would if there was real competition. Unfortunately, the only quasi-competition is Comcast, who I had before Verizon and who are considerably worse.

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You know, as well as I, that they will simply add more “fees” to their billings to pay for it. (assholes…)

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I live and work in one of the small towns where Verizon has pulled this bullshit, and I sincerely hope we get our money back. My own personal and commercial property taxes have certainly increased as a result of this, and I’d like to see everybody in town get a property tax credit directly from this reimbursement, as well as see our future tax bills reduced by the reinstatement of the Verizon tax dollars.

We had got fiber optic at home long before I heard of this, but we’ve kept our business property on DSL since learning since it seemed to hinge on copper service. Verizon had rolled out this bogus program for “copper retirement” years ago in an effort to swing people to fiber optic so they could then cancel their property tax payments. The whole copper retirement sham was sanctioned by the FCC who probably had no idea of Verizons motives. So we end up with the entire Federal Communications infrastructure being gamed to extract money from small time property owners across the state.


My dad used to work for a utility.

They went to change their plan with Verizon one day, and they were told that Verizon had forgotten to bill them for something for the past decade. No problem, says my dad, we’ll pay that going forward. We’re sorry we didn’t know to pay it in the years previous.

No, says Verizon. Because Verizon screwed up, now my dad’s utility has to pay ALL TEN YEARS of back payments before they can go forward.

So my dad switched phone service and Verizon took the public utility out of the phone book.

Forcing Verizon to make back payments on their taxes would be such delicious irony to me.


As a New Jerseyan I understand how dangerous the roving bands of vampire squids are there!

It’s called Taylor Ham.

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Why do we have to pass a law to get a company to obey the law??

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