New Jersey state lab technician allegedly faked results in a drug case

So this happens so often that there’s a name for it?

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Not for a punk band, but the name Crystal Field Theory is rather tantalizing.

Also… this isn’t even dry labbing. A dry lab is a proof-of-concept, not just scrawling “WEVS!” in your lab notebook and reporting the result.

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So on the one hand techs are making up DNA, drug or abuse evidence to “help” the police… and yet… every police station in the frakking world has a back log of rape kits going untested for decades… “funny” that.


drylabbing is a generic term for evading the scientific method.

Among scientists, it’s basically calling a Judas.


So the same people with oversight responsibility for the lab, the same people who potentially convicted 1000’s of people on fabricated or unverified evidence, and the same people who could be liable for the fallout from any overturned convictions are now entrusted with reviewing the lab??? In what world does that make sense?


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