New low-cost 3d Printer: worth a look?

Stumbled across the PeachyPrinter. Currently in a Kickstarter and an IndieGoGo, they’re offering a kit for a home 3-d printer for US$100.00. (Slightly higher in Canada, see the IndieGoGo for C$ pricing. . .)

Caveats: It’s a resin printer, not a more common filament-based printer. Apparently, you float the resin on a bed of saltwater, which gets pumped in to the “lower reservoir” to control the vertical axis of printing.

A fully-assembled version will be available for $US 400.00 in the KickStarter. There is also going to be a larger PeachyPrinter Pro, price unknown at the moment.

He also links a relatively inexpensive source of resin, MakerJuice, which starts at US$22.00 for 500ml of resin.


  1. Anyone out there with 3-D Resin Printing experience ?? Is this a decent idea for a first 3-d printer ?

  2. Is unused resin from a print reuseable ? Do you have to skim it off and re-jar it ? Or is it stable at room-temp condtions ? Aromatic ? Vapor Toxicity ? Just wondering, as filament just sits there, worst that can happen is the cat decides to chew on it.

Have at it, gang. . .

I backed that project, but I don’t have experience with 3D printing of any kind.

In answer to your second question, though, it’s in the FAQ on the Kickstarter page:

What do you do with the leftover resin after a print? Can it be reused?
There can be a fair amount of leftover resin that doesn’t get used during a print. To use the leftover resin you simply syphon the saltwater solution back into the top container so you can start your next print. If you need to switch resins you can syphon all the saltwater back up to the top container and then drain the leftover resin back into it’s container.

The technical specs for MakerJuice say that the resin is stable when kept in a closed container out of sunlight.

I saw all that, still doesn’t answer the mail on whether it’s aromatic (and more importantly, irritatingly so), or toxic. . .

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