New Matter's MOD-t 3D printer on sale for $399

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Only $340?!?!? Perfect for replacing those three missing chess pieces before New Years


How much for the deluxe models from the opening sequence in Westworld?


Shipped to heaven only. Extra shipping and handling charge. No CODs. New converts only. All transactions final.


For real. As much as I’m interested in the idea of home 3d printing, after all these years I have still not seen the “killer app” that actually makes the investment make any kind of sense.

Slightly misshapen bottle openers that are inferior to the free kind given out by car salesmen?

Office desk toys that don’t quite work?

A tchotchke that holds not one, not two, but four SD cards?


Additive 3D printing eems like a cool thing for the needs of many makers but not for general consumers. Hell, I don’t even print photos at home anymore even though home printers work very well and are cheap (well, cheap if you don’t count the cost of human plasma ink). So I sure as heck don’t want to have to do industrial manufacturing at home to make tchotchkes that don’t even have the fit or finnish of dollar store crap. I’ll be more interested when the resolution of home printers is high enough for the printing artifacts to be imperceptible, the way they are for 2D text and photo printing now.

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Why does the heading say $399, when you have price $340 in the article itself?

I want one. I want one baad. But I don’t for a moment think I need one. And I probably haven’t the time to play with it. By the time I get around to it, some other mugs will have ironed out all the kinks (hooray!) but ordinary people will also have one (boo!).

My fellow Boingers, ask not what your 3D printer can do for you, ask rather what you can do for your 3D printer.


Because the price dropped since the headline came out and nobody bothered with the headline.

What about that old photocopier favorite: 3D ass prints?


The original linked article with the review came out two weeks ago and even that quotes $400 price.

But if you read the article it says that the price has temporarily dropped. And if you visit the link you see that… the price has dropped.

Look, I’ll admit that headlines aren’t always fully checked out as I’d like but I don’t know what your deal is about updates to the story being told.

If you are interested in hobby electronics, I can see 3D printing being useful for making cases for your projects. Yes, you can always go with the Altoids tin or whatever, but they don’t always work well.


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