New Movie "Stripped" Shows the Past and Future of Comic Strips



Glenn - sorry to be that guy, but Diesel Sweeties’ author isn’t Rich Siegel, it’s Rich Stevens. Thanks for the awesome review of the movie! I’m planning to buy it today to help them ascend in the iTunes rankings.

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My brain engaged in major farting activity, which is made more amusing by a) that fact that I am friends with both Mr Siegel (Bare Bones Software) and Mr R Stevens, and b) that they know each other and c) as I typed it, my brain said, alert alert alert, but apparently all hands were looking over the starboard bow at a passing squirrel. We’ve fixed it!

Great coverage! I am a proud Kickstarter supporter!

Hmm… not seeing it on Google Play yet. I wonder if perhaps it’s blocked in the Australian store.

Damn it, must I turn to piracy for everything?

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