New owner will cover Ouya's pledges to game developers

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The execs at Ouya are such scumbags. It’s been one sleazy move after the next since the start. Good for Razer for making this right, but it’s fairly annoying that the Ouya execs probably made out like bandits here. Kicskstarter -> VC -> Razer… talk about welfare queens.

My two fondest memories of my friend’s Ouya:

The controller being so unbelievably awful (drops connections every minute and a half, always in the middle of a game) that we were forced to use USB-tethered PS3 controllers and gather around the TV like wavebird-less GameCube players.

The strong electric shocks he’d get every time he touched the console unit case while it was turned on.

“Hidden In Plain Sight” is super fun local co-op, though! (As long as you have a working gamepad)

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Whoo boy. The “Free the Games Fund” always seemed a bit iffy. Since developers were loath to spend money developing games for a niche console on which they were unlikely to see enough sales to recover costs, Ouya promised to match Kickstarter funds (to a certain amount) for Ouya game developers - the process was ripe for abuse (funding your own game to get Ouya money), but I didn’t realize Ouya wasn’t even paying out. I don’t think we’ll be seeing another micro-console like this any times soon, given all the problems. The economics just don’t make sense.

Cool to see Razr step up. I like their gaming keyboards.

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