New PlayStation outselling new Xbox "almost two-to-one"

I stick to the PC myself, and try not to touch the console scene; but my suspicion would be that Microsoft knows (in broad numbers) the expected loss of system-selling value from a PC release, and was OK with it (Titanfall was certainly bought and paid for in terms of exclusivity, so had they wanted a substantial delay on the PC side, I suspect they could have gotten one).

As for resolution, it’ll really come down to whether the graphical issues hinder enjoyment or not. Since it doesn’t exist on the PS4, there won’t be any embarassing side-by-side screenshot contests showing off the results of Sony’s decision to buy a few more GPU compute elements from AMD on each of their dice, which means that it’ll come down to whether the graphics mess with the gameplay or not. If they don’t, people will suck it up unless it’s just plain dreadful as a shooter.

If reports start coming in that ‘Apparently 27th century targeting optics are only good to 200 feet because The Mysterious Fog of Framerate blocks out the sky’ and ‘I’m pretty sure the original demo videos for Halo I looked better than this!’, they are going to have a problem. If it merely looks worse than the PC version can (on a decent to crazed gaming PC), I’m less sure that that will make a difference. Except for console exclusives, and, on earlier console generations, occasionally the first few months after launch, you’ve always been able to get better results on a PC. It just might cost twice as much and require more fiddling with beta-quality GPU drivers. If absolute inferiority bothered console gamers, they would have died out by now.

Well, the hardware is better and they didn’t tell everyone that they needed to be spied on for their own good…

Is that really true?
I haven’t tried to reinstall any of my ‘Games for Windows Live’ since playing them briefly and putting them away.
Will I really get unkillable nag screens in the games I purchased?!?

lol, that didn’t take long.

I know that I have no intention of buying a Spybox McDRM regardless of what games are on it. I’m getting a PS4 when I have the time and money to spend on one.

For me, it boils down to the fact that MS got rid of these features that they supposedly absolutely had to have on the Xbone so quickly and so close to the release, which implies that they could be toggled back on (covered by an interminable EULA) sometime in the future. I just don’t trust them any more. I still use a 360, but I find myself actually considering a Sony product as a viable alternative for the first time in who knows how long (after the rootkit and PSN debacles).

Pardon me? I’m going to assume that you are young enough to not have experienced the launch of Halo and the original xbox.

I was meh. Then I played COD ghosts on my brother’s ps4 in 1080p. Now I want a PS4.

HOLY SHIT! I didn’t realise it wasn’t out yet in Japan. The local gamers must be pissed, though there’s admittedly not much to play on it at the moment.

I’m not surprised to see these sales numbers. The PS4 is $100 cheaper, and for some reason people think the Kinect in the XBone is spying on you (I’m not sure how it’s different from the Kinect in the 360? But I haven’t been following that closely). Titanfall will ABSOLUTELY be a console seller, I don’t think it will necessarily reach Halo levels of console sales, but it should still be a serious boost to the XBone’s numbers.

Having said that, the XBone has still sold something like 3.3 million units, which is nothing to sneeze at. It’s not quite up there with the PS4’s 5+ million, but it’s still respectable. I have no interest in buying EITHER, at the moment, as my 2 hours of gaming a week means that I’m still firmly ensconced in GTA5 on my 360 (and God of War III on my PS4), but in 2 or 3 years I might actually consider getting one or both of them, depending on what my friends own at the time.

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