New stop-motion commercial by PES


Why can’t you say the name of the hotel or link to it in your post? I get that you guys aren’t against corporate involvement in art, and might feel that advertising will corrupt our culture, etc, etc.

But in this case, that hotel in in question (Citizen M, in Times Square, for those who are wondering), paid for your friend PES to create this. They’re supporting his art, and letting him continue to be an artist.

It’s a beautiful little spot, so let’s give credit to the artist, but also for the reason behind the art: creating an ad.

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This was no boating accident!

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Probably because they’re a fan of PES, not the hotel?

The hotel is already named in the video, it’s not like they went and cut a version of the ad which cuts out the actual ad part.

By not adding the hotel name or a link, the author is being pro-artist while remaining neutral towards the actual hotel.

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