New US policy bans citation of leaked material that's in the news



Sooo, it’s OK for future US intelligence officials to leak material?

That means the government would be changing the terms of contracts already concluded and doing it retroactively… without any renegotiation. I can’t imagine that would go over well in court.

When the government changes the requirements of a contract, the contractor can change the government extra. Clapper may have just opened the government up to millions if not billions of dollars in unforeseen bills. Good thing those 3 letter agencies budgets are classified.

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This “Clapper” fellow seems to be under the impression that someone’s handing out the equivalent of Nobel prizes for, well… for being a totalitarian asshole. He’s inarguably doing everything he possibly can to keep himself way out front and ahead of the competition.

This is information that’s right there on the front page of every newspaper, periodical or website of record on the planet, and… whoops! You’re simply not allowed to say those words. How conveeeenient.

He’s aspiring to a rarified strata of achievement right up there with Dick Cheney; it makes me step back, take a deep breath, say whoa and think long and hard about exactly what it took to make someone embrace the dark side so utterly and completely.

Money? Power? Sheer cussedness? Certainly not sex; just look at the guy. I think Cthulhu has to be involved somehow… and I definitely sense Moriarty’s foul hand in this miasma.

Well, my work here is done for the moment; good night, everyone. Yes, you NSA drones too - I’ve got your number. Don’t think I don’t know what Langley has on you from your college days. You should never – never – have screwed around with the protomatter.


Government officials are not contractors, they are employees, so there’s no lawsuit bonus, and the union probably wouldn’t even go to bat for you on this one. When I worked there, we were “urged” not to look at that naughty wikileaks, with the insinuation that Santa is watching even in your off-hours. Now we know the NSA is actually watching, but they’re not yet in the business of ratting out low-level civil servants. Who has time for that, when Wall Street is occupied?

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This may be just advance planning for the day when they’ll be using it to counter arguments that “The kind of surveillance you do has never revealed a terrorist” with the response “That’s only because we cannot talk about our successes lest we reveal successful methods”. Which will be inarguable for lack of data, even if their methods remain unsuccessful.

“Eating bananas keeps away elephants.”
“What?!? There are no elephants living here.”
“See how well it works?”

This makes sense as a pre-cursor to a huge information/disinformation leak. Wonder what Greenwald is planning? Oh, yeah:

“The release date for my book on the NSA, privacy, and our reporting of the surveillance story, No Place to Hide, is next Tuesday, May 13, at which time all of the previously unpublished NSA documents that are reported on in the book will be placed online, with free access, at the book’s website.”

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